Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Solaris package management 2

Solaris notes

cksum for checksuming stuff since md5 of shasum is not installed by default..

pkg and rpm useful commands

pkgadd -d 'pkg'rpm -ivh 'rpm'install
pkgrm 'pkg'rpm -e 'rpm'uninstall
pkginforpm -qalist all
pkginfo -l 'pkg'rpm -i 'rpm'info
pkgchk-l -p 'file'rpm -qf 'file'package of file
grep 'file' /var/sadm/install/contents
same as above
pkgchk -l 'pkg'rpm -ql 'rpm'list installed package contents
pkgchk -l -d 'pkg'rpm -qlp 'rpm'list uninstalled package contents
pkgchk 'pkg'rpm -V 'rpm'verify package contents

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