Saturday, 6 April 2013

Kali linux - recon-ng v2

Now moving from recon-ing people in the previous blog-post to hosts...

I assume we are at "recon-ng >" point so

use recon/hosts/gather/http/google
show options
set domain

Notice how nicely it says

[*] Sleeping to Avoid Lock-out...

and finally

[*] 50 NEW hosts found!

Woohoo! Just to make sure everything is stored where it should be

query select * from hosts

[*] 51 rows returned


This will do a great job but not good enough to stop here... we should use different search engines. You can never expect google or bing or anybody really to be 100% accurate.. so

use recon/hosts/gather/http/bing
show options
set domain

[*] 3 NEW hosts found!

Which proves my previous point and at the same time illustrates that recon-ng is actually smart enough to know that it has discovered a host already and not to create duplicates :)

Anyway.. that's enough for today

More to come tomorrow :)

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