Saturday, 27 September 2014

Kali NetHunter - part 2

So the installation is done, time to see how this thingy performs/works!

The interface is very sleek as expected and the launcher even though is still very basic, looks like a great start to what will come!

Unfortunately not everything went smoothly though, the internal wireless adapter even though it was recognized as wlan0 and was set to monitor mode (mon0 created) did not work as expected.

Similarly with the SpiderFoot application that crashed as soon as the service started :(

Its not all bad though, I have raised both issues with the NetHunter Forums in which @muts and the rest of the kali community have managed to keep on top of (considering the small flood of new questions coming in) and will further work to get them sorted.

On the more positive side the old Netgrear WG 111v3 I had lounging about proved to be very useful, realtek chipset was loaded and Wifite was able to run the whole 9 yards