Sunday, 17 May 2015

Enumerator script update

In my previous post, it was explained how the Enumerator script works, what protocols it supports etc etc. Well I wanted to add HTTPS screenshots as well so I had a second look at it, which lead me to cutycapt's latest version. The --insecure option we need to make this work is only available there... so here we go:
apt-get install subversion libqt4-webkit libqt4-dev g++ -y
cd /opt
svn co svn:// .
cd CutyCapt
Now CutyCapt's latest version is in the right path and we are good to go. Minor other changes were made to the script to fix whatever else was wrong as well. Unfortunately nmap http scripts dont seem to work for https.. might have to do something about that later.. for the time being I have just added screenshots on your HTTPS (not that there is going to be a huge difference from an apache header on 80 and its equivalent on 443.. but thats rarely the cards we are dealt).

Latest version available in the same place... here

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