Solaris shell services and packages

On my way to a mystical and magical world... the world of Solaris...

Unfortunately things aren't as fun and exiting as they sound... first impression... the system looks annoying.. uses korn shell and not the dearly beloved bash... and has no freaking colors... what are solaris admins?? colorblind? and what the hell! I like ps auxfw why do I have to do a ps -ef now!?... just annoying!
OK lets put the bitching aside and start getting the hang of this thing...

First things first! replace /sbin/sh with /bin/bash in the /etc/passwd

Second! Go to and download pine (of course!) and coreutils... gunzip and pkgadd -d to install

Third! create a .profile for root and add:
export PATH
PS1="\u@\h:\w> "
alias ls="/usr/local/bin/ls --color"

Good.. it almost feels like home now!

other useful commands:

Install pine package
pkgadd -d pine-4.64-sol10-x86-local

Print system configuration
prtconf -v

Observe or configure inetd-controlled services
inetadm for a list of services
inetadm -l FMRI (to see more options settings)
inetadm -e FMRI (enable service)
inetadm -d FMRI (disable service)
inetadm -m FMRI option="setting" (change service settings)
inetadm -p (print out the global settings for all services of inetadm)
inetadm -M option=setting (change options to all services of indetadm)

Print processor information
psrinfo -v

Print system definition information

File containing the name coresponding to the net interface

Top lookalike

Thats all for now...

Thanks for playing :)

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