Solaris SMF and other configs

Ok.. SMF is a big thing and looks very neat... so here are some things to remember.

1.Logs from the SMF framework are kept at /var/svc/log/ on a directory similar to the FMRI of the service.

2.Useful commands:
svcs -a (prints out all the installed/registered with smf services)
svcs -x FMRI (prints out status and additional info)
svcs -l FMRI (prints out verbose dependencies for the service)
svcs -d (prints out the services the FRMI depends upon)
svcs -D (prints out the services that depend upon the FMRI)
svcs -p FMRI (prints out PIDs related to the FMRI)

svcadm disable FMRI (disable a service permenantly)
svcadm disable -t FMRI (disable a service until the next reboot)
svcadm disable -s FMRI (disable all the service's instances)

svcadm enable FMRI (enable a service permenantly)
svcadm enable -t FMRI (enable service for the current session only)
svcadm enable -r FMRI (enable service and all its dependencies)
svcadm enable -s FMRI (enable service and all its instances)

svcadm -v refresh/restart FMRI (restarts or re-reads a services configuration files)

3. Disabling X server login
/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d (disable login screen from the next reboot)
/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -kill (kill the login screen and Xserver NOW)

4. Change the security policy to use md5 from crypt for accounts on /etc/security/policy
Note: you need to re-enter the passwords to be re-encrypted with the selected algorythm

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