Debian - rpm cheat sheet

Working with BackTrack has its advantages but having spent most of my adult life with Slackware and RedHat based distros... I have found the following useful in many occasions

rpm -ivh {rpm-file}
dpkg -i {deb-file}
Install the package
rpm -Uvh {rpm-file}
Use apt-get :P
Upgrade package
rpm -ev {package}
dpkg -r {package}
Erase/remove/ an installed package
rpm -ql {package}
dpkg -L {package}
Display list all package files
rpm -qa
dpkg -l {package}
Display list all installed packages
rpm -qi {package}
dpkg -p {package}
Display installed information along with package version and short description
rpm -qf {/path/to/file}
dpkg -S {/path/to/file}
Find out what package a file belongs to.

Thanks for playing :)

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