CISSP Training

CISSP Training was completed a bit over a week ago and revision is continuing still...

The course was delivered by Geraint Williams of IT Governance through the University's  KnowledgeHub program (enough with the ads though!!).

Awesome course to say the least, plus GeraintW was kind enough to add some very nice posts to his blog detailing some of the material covered in the course (brilliant for revision)

And here we go:

Domain 1 - Access Control
Domain 2 - Telecommunications and Network Security
Domain 3 - Information Governance & Risk Management
Domain 4 - Software Development Security
Domain 5 - Cryptography
Domain 6 - System Architecture and Design
Domain 7 - Operation Security
Domain 8 - Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Domain 9 - Legal, Regulations & Investigations

One more to come I will add them when they are done I guess :)

Many thanks need to go to GeraintW for providing us with a great course :)


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