Kali NetHunter - part 1

So as soon as NetHunter came out… I ran to scan.co.uk and ordered myself a used Nexus 7 2012 so I can have a go at the Mobile Kali awesomeness… happy days ahead! Of course I am not going to trust the installed version so after failing to run it with Cyanogenmod, I installed the official version from google-dev.

Follow instructions and bring system to latest stock

Boot the tablet, Go to Settings and enable Developer mode, USB debugging and switch to PTP USB Storage

Download and install the "Nexus Root Toolkit" from here

Follow the instructions on "Full Driver Installation Guide - Automatic + Manual"

Make sure you have installed your device with PTP and MTP modes

Unlock the device (it will reboot and you will have to re-setup the whole thing)

The app popup on NRT suggests that the system will be reset and you will need to setup it up again.. This was not the case with me. The device rebooted with USB debugging enabled and my settings as they were previously.

Continuing with Rooting (make sure Custom Recovery is checked), the tablet will reboot and eventually you will open SuperSU and install BusyBox and the TWRP Boot Manager Application to finish the process.

Download the Kali NetHunter image from here

Copy the file in your DCIM folder and through the TWRP Manager -> Reboot Options select Reboot to recovery

When it boots to Recovery mode select "Install", navigate to your zip and "Swipe to confirm flash"

At this point feel free to grab a beer... it will take a while

When its done, hit Reboot and enjoy!

That's all for now, more  will come soon :)


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