Kali NetHunter - part 3

After a quick post in the kali nethunter forums SpiderFoot is alive and well.
It seems the kalimenu script did not initiate spiderfoot in the right path so the existing code in /usr/bin/kalimenu needed to be changed from

python /opt/spiderfoot/sf.py
cd /opt/spiderfoot/ && python /opt/spiderfoot/sf.py
The result was immediate and the service started with no issue:

Word of caution though, keep in mind that similarly to metasploit and other load intensive tools, the default scanning options might not be in your best interest. So.. keep it light, keep it quick and all the livelong day!

Kismet was the next one in the cards today, I would call it a partial success though, since from a remote SSH terminal, Kismet worked like a charm (I do like the option to wipe everything you did after each use as well! Nice touch ppl!)!

From the tablet itself though..

Not the same visual experience lets say! I have raised it in the forums and will see how it develops... strange though since in both environments we are using the same $TERM.

Enough for today, more next time :)

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